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In a time of Variable Frequency Drives, Switch Mode Power Supplies, and Sensitive Equipment Power Quality concerns are often at the heart of many electrical problems. These problems are often difficult to identify if the appropriate tools and expertise are not in place.

Stationary Battery systems can be some of the most temperamental systems of any plant. We have the tools and expertise to help commission, test, and troubleshoot almost any battery system.

We have extensive test equipment and knowledge to troubleshoot, diagnose, and correct most AC and DC motor and pump issues.

We offer the walkdown and inspection of Pools and Marine electrical systems for code concerns and insurance purposes.

Have the peace of mind knowing you have a licensed engineer on call for your code and technical questions as well as mediation with inspectors.

In today’s world it is difficult to tie the technical with the financial. We bridge the gap between dollars and cents of the financial, accounting, and real-estate worlds with the engineering and construction sector.

Electricity in itself can be hard to conceptualize. It is usually not seen, though is notoriously unforgiving.  We can provide quality reports prepared and sealed by licensed engineers to meet your safety needs.

We assist and provide supplemental Drafting and Printing Services to local businesses and individuals. We do our best to keep our printing costs competitive, and our drafters are up to date on current technologies.

In conjunction with the preparation of Engineering Documentation, we also provide reviews of Designs, Technical Documents, Calculations, and Drawings for code, technical, regulatory, and licensing compliance.

DES provides cable testing services for low, medium, and high voltage

Consulting services for electricians is one of our most popular requests. It's a great way to expand your technical base, and help grow your business.

Electrical safety has become a hot topic in the industrial, utility, and commercial sectors. OSHA has implemented steep fines, many times on a per device basis, if appropriate labeling and electrical safety programs are not in place.

In an age of industrial accidents, parking lot robberies, slips, trip, and falls improper lighting is one of the largest liabilities a property owner can encounter.

There are eleven primary electrical systems in modern commercial buildings. We can help provide solutions to meet your needs.

The use of Green Energy has substantially increased over the past ten years. We can help your organization navigate the waters to see what credits or savings are available to your organization.

In the event of accident or fire expert testimony is often a necessity. We provide the technical tools and services to address these situations. These services include:

- Lightning Event Time Studies

- Root Cause Analysis

- Code Compliance

- Damages Estimation

We one of the only local firms to provide a full range of services to help take your product to market, which include:

- PCB Design

- RF Design

- Rapid Prototyping

- Component Selection

- Manufacturer Identification

- Vendor Identification

We happily provide Studies and Analysis for:

- Arc Flash and NFPA 70E

- Coordination

- Load Flow

- Grounding

- Lightning Strike and Protection

- Grounding

- Lighting

- RF Map and RF Safety

Testing of breakers and switchgear is a key way to prevent unplanned system downtime, and often times required by insurers.

Control Systems are at the heart at most any industrial or automation systems. With PLCs, various sensors, and HIDs it can be difficult to design and analyze systems (especially legacy) to assure production is still up and running.

Grounding Systems are one of the most mysterious aspects of electrical systems. Megger recently published an article "Getting Down to Ground" that stated approximately 80% of electrical issues are grounding related

We provide both Thermal Imaging and Ultrasonic Inspection of electrical systems to help identify problems before they arise. These studies can show failing termination, arcing, and component failure preemptively before unplanned failure.

Industrial Environments demand reliable and efficient designs. We take pride in supporting our industrial clients with efficient, safe, cost-effective solutions.

It has been argued Utilities are the backbone of the modern world. From concept to completion our team can help you with your utility needs.

We provide both Residential and Commercial Inspection Services in the Columbia and Charleston regions. Unlike many inspectors, we provide cutting-edge thermal imaging and consultation with engineers upon request.

Have you ever spent countless hours troubleshooting a system? Have you had equipment continuously fail? We have the tools and expertise to solve your electrical problems and help you get back up and running faster.

We strive to provide quality Electrical Engineering and Design Services in the fields of:

- Power Systems

- Generation Systems

- Stationary Batteries

- Lightning Protection Systems

- Lighting Systems

- Automation and Control Systems

- Transmission and Distribution Systems

We service a large range of clients within the Carolinas and Georgia. Some of our clients include:


- Berenyi Inc.

- Santee Cooper

- Industrial Turn Around Corporation (ITAC)

- Nucor

- Roberts Company

- Continental Tire

- Marion County

- National Beverage Services (NBS)

- Engineered Metals and Composites​


Daniels Engineering Services, LLC provides flexible tailored solutions to fit your needs. With DES you can have benefits of both a Master Electrician and Licensed Engineer at your disposal. We are located centrally in the capital of South Carolina and are able to provide services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. We take strides to provide competitive pricing and flexible solutions to our clients.

Trey Daniels PE



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