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Arc Flash, Coordination, & Electrical Safety

Electricity in itself can be hard to conceptualize. It is usually not seen, though is notoriously unforgiving. Selecting the proper PPE around energized equipment can be a challenge, though is a necessity in the name of safety if the equipment cannot be de-energized.

Electrical safety has become a hot topic in the industrial, utility, and commercial sectors. OSHA has implemented steep fines, many times on a per-device basis, if appropriate labeling and electrical safety programs are not in place.


To save time and money on arc flash studies, DES has implemented a training & data gathering system where plant personnel can collect equipment data within your plant and transmit it back to our servers for review. There is zero cost to customers for software packages, & costs for collection services are minimized. We have found this to be the most cost-effective solution for our clients and it also allows for a fluid updating of arc flash models after plant mods.


DES has also partnered with local electricians to provide turnkey electrical safety services when plant electricians are not available. All of our reports and studies are sealed, a requirement for insurance and government submittals.  


Typical Deliverables Include:

- Walkdown of Facilities

- Unbiased Advice regarding any findings. We do not upsell upgrades or systems that are not required.

- Arc Flash Labeling

- Arc Flash Reports AC/DC (Sealed)

- System One Lines and As-Builts

- NFPA 70E Evaluations

- OSHA Consulting

- Arc Flash / Mitigation

- Touch & Step Potential 

- Turn Key Upgrades of System Concerns




Daniels Engineering Services, LLC provides flexible tailored solutions to fit your needs. With DES you can have benefits of both a Master Electrician and a Licensed Engineer at your disposal. We are located centrally in the capital of South Carolina and are able to provide services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. We take strides to provide competitive pricing and flexible solutions to our clients.

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