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Forensic, Litigation, & Insurance

In the event of an accident or fire, expert testimony is often a necessity. We provide the technical tools and services to address these situations. These services include:

  • Lightning Event Time Studies

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Code Compliance

  • Damages Estimation

  • Lighting Level Evaluations

  • Device Failure Analysis


Lightning Studies

Lightning is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It is quick, unpredictable, and destructive. We offer services that can identify past lightning strikes to great precision, and offer definitive evidence of a strike.


As one of the few licensed lightning protection installers in the Carolinas, we offer guidance and oversight on the installation of lightning systems.


We also provide NFPA 780 inspections of lightning systems in a submittable written report as required for insurance purposes.


Standard Deliverables Include:

- Lightning Strike Study (Sealed)

- Lightning System Annual Report (Sealed)

- Lightning System Analysis (Sealed)

- Lightning System Design (Sealed)



Daniels Engineering Services, LLC provides flexible tailored solutions to fit your needs. With DES you can have benefits of both a Master Electrician and a Licensed Engineer at your disposal. We are located centrally in the capital of South Carolina and are able to provide services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. We take strides to provide competitive pricing and flexible solutions to our clients.

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