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Grounding Analysis

Grounding Systems are one of the most mysterious aspects of electrical systems. Megger recently published an article "Getting Down to Ground" that stated approximately 80% of electrical issues are grounding related. From our experience, this is an accurate statement.


Typical Grounding System Problems Include:

- Electrical Shock

- Heated Bus Bars

- Static Discharge

- Unexpected Device Actuation

- Device Failures

- Device Trips (typical during storm roll in)

- Harmonic Issues

- Fire


Typical Deliverables Include:

- A Walkdown of your Facility or System by a Licensed Engineer

- Metering & Testing of your System to Identify any potential concerns

- Sealed Written Report

- Unbiased Advice for any findings. We do not upsell any unneeded upgrades or systems.




Daniels Engineering Services, LLC provides flexible tailored solutions to fit your needs. With DES you can have benefits of both a Master Electrician and a Licensed Engineer at your disposal. We are located centrally in the capital of South Carolina and are able to provide services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. We take strides to provide competitive pricing and flexible solutions to our clients.

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