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Due-Diligence Evaluations

In today’s world, it is difficult to tie the technical with the financial. We bridge the gap between dollars and cents of the financial, accounting, and real-estate worlds with the engineering and construction sector. We offer consulting services that assess:
•    Commercial Real-estate Evaluations
•    Manufacturing Assessments
•    Infrastructure Upgrades
•    Utility Cost Allocation Studies
•    Overall Equipment Effectiveness
•    Six Sigma Analysis
•    Cash Flow Analysis
•    Cost Benefit Analysis
•    Calculation of Break Even and Pay Back Period
•    R&D Justification and First of a Kind Analysis



Daniels Engineering Services, LLC provides flexible tailored solutions to fit your needs. With DES you can have benefits of both a Master Electrician and a Licensed Engineer at your disposal. We are located centrally in the capital of South Carolina and are able to provide services throughout the Carolinas and Georgia. We take strides to provide competitive pricing and flexible solutions to our clients.

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